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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 14, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>> what were the two homicides -- murder victims -- death victims i should say were doing right before this happened. >> tig ni tears turn out in tucson as the fed ram judge killed is laid to rest. >> more cost cutting measures at uc berkeley, find out why this latest round of layoffs is not stirring up much resistance. >> complete bay area news conference starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at
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noon. >> good afternoon, i am john, in for tori campbell. people visiting the home of an elderly friend made a grew some discovery, inside they found the bodies of their friend and her grandson. it happened just after 7:00 last night. kraig debro joins us now live with word that police are investigating this as a police murder suicide, craig. >> reporter: yeah, good afternoon, john. it is terrible what i just tried to say, this is being classified as a suspicious death, not a homicide. this home remains a crime scene. you can see that orange tag on the door. it says this is a crime scene still and then you can see that the black stuff on the door, that is the fingerprint dust. they have been dusting for prints here. now the victim's family members actually talked to neighbors about their grew some discovery. >> he said, no, he is not okay, and no, there is nothing that
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you can do for me. as well as she has been murdered, and i said i am really sorry. >> two bodies discovered at this livermore home. police say both of been shot. they are not calling it a homicide. a woman's sister and her friend had a date to have coffee. family members let themselves in through an open door. >> they walked inside coffee pot was on, everything was ready for them to like come over and have coffee and they just found them like grisly murdered. >> reporter: late this morning a woman places a rose on the porch. police have not identified the victim. family members have begun the grim task of telling family members. >> she always had a bowl of
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candy on the table for kids and we would have dinner over here. >> the neighbor across the street is also convinced of the victim's identity. not just a neighbor but a friend. >> i lost a very very dear friend. we laughed together, we cried together, it is a terrific loss for me. >> reporter: carolyn says the grandson that just moved her from las vegas just before christmas, but she had not seen her friend of 30 years since just after new years. reporting live in livermore, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> this morning an elderly man was found dead inside a home that caught fire in vacaville. the fire department tells us a police officer on patrol noticed the fire around 1:30 a.m. when firefighters arrived they found heavy smoke and flames in the back. the body of a man in his 70s was discovered during a search afterwards. the cause is still under investigation. firefighters in the city of alabama med a held a procession and memorial service today for one of their own. he died january third, a year
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after he was diagnosed with cancer. today alameda firefighters conducted a procession of fire trucks. it ended at the uss hornet. the service was at 11:00 a.m. >> we all miss scott very much. he was a big part of our family here in the alameda fire department and he is going to be missed. >> the captain is survived by his wife of 13 years and his eight-year-old son. the city of tucson continues to heal after saturday's shooting rampage. today hope is rising for the recovery of gabrielle giffords. dozens of dignitaries are attendic the funeral of judge john roll. >> reporter: judge john roll is the latest victim of the saturday shooting spree being laid to rest today. he spent 20 years on the bench as a fed federal judge and was on the way home from mass when he stopped by to see his close friend gabrielle giffords at a
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meet and greet when a gunman opened fire, killing six and injuring more than a dozen. >> we have gone through shock. we have gone through sadness. we have gone through prang. this has been tough on to some of us. this is a great city. >> the funeral being held at the same church where the service for christina taylor green was held on thursday. hundreds came out to support the green family, even the children here understanding the depth of this tragedy. >> it was sad. she was only nine. it wasn't fair. >> meanwhile giffords continues making strides in her discovery, opening her eyes for the first time on wednesday. they already have her doing intense physical therapy. her progress has been incredible. >> miracles happen every day and in medicine we like to very much attribute them to either what we do or others do around us, but a lot of medicine is outside of our control and we are wise to acknowledge miracles. >> reporter: the pima county sheriff's office says they may
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have found the mysterious black bag the suspect reportedly had hours before the shooting. investigationers say the black bag was found in the neighborhood near his home and contained the same ammo that was used in saturday's shooting spree. in tucson, fox news. >> san francisco police are looking for a killer who gunned down another man yesterday afternoon in broad daylight. police say terry turner of san francisco was shot multiple times by another man inside the coffee and tea company. a number of shell casings littered the floor. it might have happened because the victim stole a laptop computer from the gunman. >> he took the laptop from this particular person and came in here to try to get a signal. what i heard was the kid ran in there trying to get some type of signal on the laptop because it is free wi-fi here. >> police are looking for
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witnesses who could help identify that killer. lawmakers in sacramento have held the first hearings on the governor's budget. brown said a deadline of march first for lawmakers to vote on that plan. that would allow time for a june election. the biggest debate is over a change in corporate tax law that would generate nearly a billion for the state. they have faced fee increases and lay offs and there is another round of layoffs coming. jade hernandez joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon, students here don't come back to school until next week but even then for most this latest announcement but layoffs will come as no big surprise. all total 280 jobs have been eliminated because some of those jobs are already vacant and some employees are already scheduled to retire. that left 150 managers and
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support staffers who were told to clean out their desks and offices. last week's proposal by governor jerry brown to cut 550 million from the system only reinforced what they planed to do within the next three years, make $75 million worth of permanent cuts that latest round subtracted 20 million from that amount. >> in the note that the chancellor and the commit sent out they feel we will be able to achieve that goal. >> they pay more than $100,000 a year with benefits, the layoffs with cut the managers by a third. 1 employee told us it cheats students. >> to continue the cuts while raising the tuition is doing a completely disservice to the students. >> campus police and faculty escaped this latest round of cuts as did the undergraduate student work force.
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in berkeley, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> -- task of replacing half their teachers. bryant elementary, carver elementary and everett middle schools are on the state's list of persistently low performing schools. they are part of a movement to get millions if school performances improve. they have to replace a total of 26 teachers. that option was not their first choice. san jose hit a major financial milestone but it is nothing to brag about. they filed for bankruptcy protection, a record for the city. experts say this year could be worse because in overall unemployment numbers are not improving and people who have been able to hang on for a year and a half don't see any
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relief. the trend is the same in other parts. bankruptcies increased 20%. the numbers for the other counties are not complete but through the first 11 months 4700 filings were processed up from 2009. many are small business owners who have catched their customers cut back on spending leaving the merchants with less revenue. a report about the type of damage a storm could do to california. they are racing concerns about chemicals and the health of pregnant women. a lot of fog and sunshine, mark tamayo will be up to tell us if that person will continue through the weekend. also -- >> it is a special day at the building. why it was closed inform until a couple of hours ago.
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>> a new study came out today on the presence of toxics chemicals in pregnant women. it shows that out of 163 chemicals studied 43 of them were found in all 268
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participants. it is found in virtually all the participates. the council said new procedures allow for the detection of minute amount of chemicals. a city councilman arrested last month on suspicion of drunk driving will not be charged because of a lack of conclusive evidence. the chp stopped him on interstate 580 because officers say he was driving erratically. he failed a field sobriety test but prosecutors say results from blood tests make it difficult to prove he was above the legal limit. it is a san francisco landmark celebrating a grand re- opening today after seven long years of restoration. it was a festive moment when the gates opened at the palace of fine arts. it was down in phases with major upgrades the dome, the
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rotunda, the lagoon and the rest. >> this is the biggest moment possibly of my life, in 2003 mayor willy brown asked me to get involved with this project and i said yes and i became the chair and i was the one who asked people for money. >> she had more than 1200 people donate 19 million dollars and she was inspired to help with the project to preserve the place where her grandparents fell in love back in 1915 when it was first built. fans of the surfing contest are encouraged to stay home. days have not been selected but the event will be closed to the public for safety reasons. access to the beach will be banned. it is to prevent what happened at the last competition when 13 spectators were injured when waves knocked them down. >> everybody that rides the wave is excited there are fans but nobody wants anyone getting
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hurt. >> around 40,000 people usually show up. this year there is a designated viewing area a mile on the beach where they can watch it on the big screen and it will be streamed live on the web. when you think of the big one your first thought is a earthquake but california is more at risk from a storm than any other part of the country. so-called atmospheric rivers drag tropical moisture across the pacific ocean and point them directly at california for several days, the state had a taste of that in december when we broke records for rainfall. hundreds of emergency planners met today discussing a worse case storm and how to prepare for it. time to check in with mark tamayo looking at a nice weekend. >> that's right, this weekend will feel like spring, 60s across the area, so right now though of course, we start out with fog. clear skies, maybe patchy clouds in the distance but still a nice friday. this weekend looking nice as
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well. you can see the latest on the satellite. we have cloudy to clear conditions. still stubborn clouds in the south bay and also san jose at the airport reporting mostly cloudy skies at last check. for this afternoon for today skies mostly sunny and mild. the weekend still morning fog and high clouds into sunday but still on the mild side. the extended forecast looks like a dry weather pattern that will take us into next week. as far as current numbers we are tracking 50s. last week we could not break out of the 40s but today mild.
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here is a satellite and the storm track heading to our north. as we head into sunday for the second half of the weekend there is one weak system that will clip california and will generate a few high clouds. as far as this afternoon maybe patchy cloud cover near the shoreline and left over fog near the delta. as we take this into saturday
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morning clouds on the increase and fog on the increase as well that could impact your visibilities for the inland valleys but in the afternoon partly to mostly sunny skies. lake tahoe a popular weekend to do so, for saturday increasing clouds. there is a slight chance of a shower that be in the form of rain on sunday, by monday partly cloudy skies, afternoon readings in the sierra in the 50s. here by 3:00 partly cloudy skies, then fog developing by tonight, low to mid 50s. here is a look at the numbers. look at all the 60s, for san francisco, antioch and san jose topping out around 65 degrees, half moon bay 61, san mateo 64. here is a look ahead. your five-day-forecast, as you can see a rain free weekend, a few extra high clouds sunday. there is a slight chance of a shower around ukia and points to the north on sunday. we will hold on to the sunshine and mild temperatures. more 60s showing up on the forecast maps. whenever you get a pattern like this though you know downstream we could have a stormy pattern so that is something we will look for. >> everybody is saying they are absolutely sick of the rain, the fog and the cold. >> i think the fog and the cold the big deal and today it feels beautiful. >> the good news it is going to stay like this. >> at least a few days. >> thanks. >> sure. >> the state senator is trying to pass a ski slope helmet law, this time around the helmet law is a standard alone measure. did you notice there has been an explosion in the number of rats in the bay area,
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experts say the unusual weather is to blame. several exterminators saw an increase in business after our late fall warm spell followed by rains. exterminators say they can be difficult to wipe them out. if you get them out of your place then they will go next door, if the neighbor did verse verse a then they are coming into your place. >> in june new rules will limit the sale of rat poison but homeowners should use caution. to experience adventure travel you don't have far to go, the show is at the santa clara convention center. you can try zip lining, scuba diving or rock climbing at the show or visit with dozens of experts who can help you plan your next trip and answer questions you may have. >> the purpose why these shows are so successful, say, just when you have so many options on the internet you don't know what you are getting on the internet. here you are actually talking to the people who deliver the product or the expert of the
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local. >> the show includes other presentations. you will find a link to more information by going to our website and clicking on web links. ahead we will tell you if more people are spending more money at the stores. [ singing ] >> and that little girl is now an internet sensation. we will tell you why.
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this is seen as a bell when for the technology sector, it is almost up $167% from 3 the year before. he predicts this year will be even better. today investors may be reacting to the latest economic reports. consumers spent $381 billion last month, the 6th consecutive month of increased sales activity. economists say gains in retail sales are a sign the recovery will continue since consumers field 70% of economic activity.
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you will be paying more to mail things starting in april. the cost of sending a letter will be 44 cents for each ounce but each additional ounce or part will be more. if you are one of the those people who say your zodiac sign doesn't fit your personality there may be a reason for that. the sun has moved and was in a different position when you were born, so for example if you thought were you a leo you might be a cancer. they also say there is one more than the original set, which falls between those two. a young girl is a sensation after her song was cut short.
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[ singing ] >> her microphone went dead at the start of a hockey game last week but the crowd helped her out, the video has received more than 2.5 million hits. they also invited her back to sing next month. coming up organizers of the maverick surfing competition are trying to keep thousands from descending on the beach. find out how and how you can catch the wave action without causing an environmental nightmare. that is our report. i am john for tori campbell and every here, thanks for joining us. our next newscast at 5:00. have yourself a great weekend. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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